Best Mastiff Dog Beds

Finding the best mastiff dog bed among a mountain of choices can be challenging and rather overwhelming. There are beds specifically for the outdoors and indoors…beds that can produce heat and others that provide extra cushion and support…and they all come in various colors and shapes (bolster, flat, elevated, doughnut, etc). To try and demystify the process of selecting the right one for your dogs, we’ve created this resource and searched high and low to shine a light on top rated dog beds for those in the market. To keep the site somewhat organized, we created categories for each type of dog bed: Indoor, Large Dogs, Orthopedic and Outdoor. Keep in mind that not all dog beds fit nicely into a single category and most of them overlap with multiple buckets; for example, outdoor dog beds can easily be used inside…and most large, orthopedic dog beds are made for the indoors. The point here is to look around and get curious…the bed you’re looking for could be in the category next door.

Best dog beds review

Below are the best dog bed reviews of what we believe are the top 10 on the market. Our primary ranking/research methodology: review the best sellers and top rated dog beds from popular merchants, combine them with our past purchasing choices, distill our findings and share them with you in easy to read reviews. The matrix contains links to deeper analyses for each dog bed and details the positive and negative reviews from verified purchasers and real customer data. This information should put you well on your way to determining which type is best for you and your situation (our #1 goal creating this site).

What are the benefits of a dog bed?

One word: many. However, some people view dog beds as unnecessary luxury items and a waste of money. Heck, growing up in the 70s our dogs always slept on the floor and never had their own bed. But oh how times have changed: over the last 10 years, me and my wife have purchased (conservatively) 30 dogs beds for our Rottweilers (we have a “2 dog minimum” ;). Right now in our house we have a total of 8 beds:

2 downstairs
2 upstairs
2 outside
and 2 older ones stashed in our garage for when they need to be boarded

Yes, its a little embarrassing but its the truth folks. We cycle through dog beds like nobody’s business but we feel its worth it due the many benefits:

They provide a comforting place to sleep and chill…its their “space”
They help protect a dog’s bones and joints
They can provide a layer of insulation year round and help regulate body temperature
They helps contain hair and dirt
They preserve your furniture
They improve a dog’s overall happiness and well being

Best dog bed reviews

Our dog Lana loves her bolster orthopedic dog bed!

Consider this: beds are standard items for human beings and a place where we spend 1/3 of our lives. And as we all know, a good night’s sleep can make a huge difference in our attitude, energy levels and productivity throughout the day. Remember that last time you slept on an awful mattress or the floor?? Yeah…not fun at all was it? Now think about dogs: they’re not just pets but members of the family and sleep even more we do (13 hours on average per day). Would you want to sleep on a floor every night? If you did (liar..cough ;), how do you think you’d feel day to day? Not very good…so why should your pooch be any different?